Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am a dumpling eating machine sent from the future to eat the past...

The night before cross camp, and I was like a kid before Christmas morning...

back in the day, when there was a series of Iron Hill Mountainbike races in the fall, I can remember bouncing around with similar excitement.

had one of these hoping to coax the sleep, to no avail...

just in time for cross, our wawa re-opened. Bigger and badder...

Jeff and Gunar followed in tow...

The camp had a Big crowd, excited folks. We spent time with each group and broke down cross tech skills and shared some stories. By far my favorite part was our off camber work.


We covered a lot of ground and everyone got a lot of work in. It was a good day.

I pulled a wheelie and landed on my back.

smooth like Keith Stone.

the coaching staff.

JPOW dropped his phone.

I gave it back to him.

Thanks to Mayhew, Tille and Rusty for having me out. I was stoked to get to help out.
If Batman was running for Sheriff of my town, I'd vote for him.
Just saying.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black is the color of my true love's tape...

gotta mix it up a little this year...

Black like my kit.

Black like my soul.
Black like my heart. (ask our PR guy)

Man, I just try to be a nice guy. To do the right thing. Perhaps I am misunderstood?

I love Great Valley.

The Bucknell Guys were digging really deep into the suitcase of courage.

Saw Kelly at Great Valley.

had a nice conversation with Kelly.

K "how you feeling."
FM "pretty good I think"
K "me too."
FM "I'm working hard, my numbers are high, but I'm not sure I'm  fast ..."
K "yup, know exactly what you mean"
K "you see the masters race for Nittany"
FM "yup, it's a fucking murderer row, and still 15 days until race..."
K "you think we should have had the masters points go deeper ? "
FM "fuck yeah we should have..."

Kelly and I took off the front of the group for the first three laps until we cracked ourselves good. Shit only 27 more laps/miles to go right? Ugh. No, one said we were smart, but that was fun.

Coaching at Camp this weekend. I'm like the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globe Trotters.
That Powers Sucka is going down... Going to be super fun. totally stoked...


Sunday, August 22, 2010

wet grass, kick ass

trying to clean wet grass off of a cross bike is like fighting a hydra.
each time I think I've got it all off, I look and find yet another clump...
grass from 3 counties, and 2 states have been cleaned off our bikes this week...

a cyclocross meeting, or perhaps just wet grass discussions over coffee and eggs...

the boys in the hood...

We pulled up to a stop light with the boys in the back seat. The car next to us had a young couple,
who were doing some heavy duty petting waiting for the light to change. Ah, young love. I can remember
stealing kisses from Monkey at stop lights like it was last week... oh yeah it was...

Back to our young lovers. I pulled the car up so the boys could see the young couple making out, and I
told them to wave and yell hello. The boys happily abide. Poor young couple, the young man gave a small wave back, face a red as a tomato, as we pulled away. The young lady never looked over at us.

Monkey and I laughed loudly. The boys asked, "why are you laughing?" thankfully oblivious to what just went down.  By the by, the boys are our nephews, we didn't steal them from the mall or anything weird like that...


Monday, August 16, 2010

well, there was this...

Pulling into the venue in Gorham, New Hampshire, Regina one of the race directors says to us with great bravado, "this will be the best 24hr race you ever do!"

Truth is the kind folks at the 24hrs of Great Glenn make a pretty damn convincing argument.

We raced in the 5 person co-ed class. Race was very competitive. Hardest fought 6th place I think I have ever been so proud to claim. Dick spot from the podium, but this weekend was a victory all the way around.

Buddy, Jeb, L-Web and Monk all had their best laps as their last lap.

Tom and Brian worked their asses off to make sure we stayed the line.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by some very amazing people.

This could have been the best 24hr race I ever rode.

So I have that going for me.

met Colin, the genius behind this.

hug with the hup, hup buttercup guys too...