Wednesday, July 21, 2010

037: later skater

1.Never cheat.
2.Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
3.Work hard and with purpose.
4.Don’t waste love/energy on unimportant things or blatantly selffish people.
5.Don’t tear other people down; build them up.
6.Don’t whine or complain.
7.No excuses.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

036: sharing my wiener

Dan and I shared a wiener Friday night.
It was the wiener and cheese burrito at the ole Mexican picnic.
It was as awful as it sounds.

Luckily my "real" meal, the carnitas, were outstanding.

Dan gave me some grief for not finishing my half of the hotdog burrito.

I don't feel badly...
Brother Craig (skinny craig) was in town unexpectedly this weekend. We were stoked to see him, have some dinner and drinks and do a nice ride Sunday morning. It was a little weird riding by fairhill and not racing. But I got over it pretty quickly.
thanks to Monkey and Craig for letting me sit in today, I'm getting better but not in full swing yet... it will come...
that's all I have to say about that...

Riley flipping through channels today...
thanks for reading...


Thursday, July 15, 2010

035: whoa, easy there cowboy...

Solid week of PT under my belt, the back feeling pretty good, I headed out on the bike the past two evenings.

In typical idiot Fatmarc style I couldn’t contain myself but instead wanted to push and see how things were progressing, see how much my back could hold up. I mean, I hadn’t done any efforts in two full weeks!
I clearly need to take things a little slower. I was one big ball of mess this morning. Luckily the PT lady worked me out pretty good.

secretly one of my goals for the 2010 season was to finish the Ronde Van Mullica cat 123 race.
That is this weekend, and sadly, I had to pull the plug, you know because when I tried to ride hard last night I basically shit the bed.

It is truly sad the number of races I have bailed on this year.

Last night at the stroke of Midnight, I registered Monkey and I for 3 races, 10 hours away that don’t happen for over 3 months. I will admit I was surprised to see another 30 people or so stayed up to do the same thing I did. Weird huh…
Considering riding clinchers this season. Not sure I ever got the full benefit out of tubulars, although I dig the weight and how they ride, I just hate rolling those bastards, and I’m pretty damn good at that… That and between Diane and I, that would be 4 sets of tubulars for the season. That’s like $800 beans…
Dear team radio shack, I want to help your image. Just saying, you buy some tubulars and I do a photo expose of how sunshine comes out of the bosses ass. Seriously Lance, call me. ( I need tubulars)

Getting stoked for the JBV/Fulcrum coaching clinic, it’s almost full, get in if you haven’t already…
Here's a different treatment of a classic. Totally different feel, but I admit I enjoy it...

See I'm not really that resistant to change...

Now if Depeche Mode would cover popular, I wonder how dark that would be?

BTW I have tickets to comic con, but can't make it, anyone what to buy them?
it is sold out in all. (don't judge)

Thanks for reading.

(Getting fatter by the second)

58 days until cross. (fuck)

Monday, July 12, 2010

034: age of consent

I really like coffee.

Sometimes when I listen to Yrock, they play a run of songs and bands that I know, and I feel like that at some level, I’m still connected to new independent music and that's really cool. Sometimes they play a bunch of older stuff from when I was younger, tons of Smiths or the Cure, and I dig that too, but I kinda wonder isn’t there anything new or cool in the world? Who is this generation's the Smiths or the Cure?
Sometimes when I listen to Yrock, they play a run of songs and bands that I have never heard in my life. Sometimes this makes me feel old, and lame. Like I have no idea of what’s new and up and coming. Then somedays, I think that’s kinda cool, and often times has me searching the inter-webs looking for more music/info on bands I never heard of. I think that’s pretty awesome.
Most of all I like the variety that I get to hear. I mixture of nostalgia and curiosity. That makes me pretty damn happy.

Thanks for reading.

B&W photo by the Kevin Dillard.
cup cakes by Heidi.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

033: Just 'cause I'm shallow doesn't mean that I'm heartless

Just 'cause I'm heartless doesn't mean that I'm mean....

Busy weekend.. Played with new camera, so it's Photo Blog Time! :

Friday night we went to Lauri's to hang out, she got dressed for the occasion.
Tom came down to work on my back. He worked my knots, and helped me out greatly. I had to borrow a pair of Brian's shorts:
For some reason Tom wouldn't massage me while I was wearing my boxers?
Saturday morning Diane was off to do some openers before the rain really started to pour.
I got to tag along. I rode my new cross bike. new cross bike, I think I'm falling in love with you...
Saturday Night -Diane, Tom
and I headed down to the Twenty 20 Cycling Company Grand Opening and Silent Auction.
Auer Power was ring master at this great time :
The party was rad:
Tom surveys the crowd that has lots of teammates and friends!
Meatball and date
Regan and Wes, and Wes'es hair
Monkey, Breyla-la and Harlow
The Pedersons
John H III
Sweet Johnny and I:
And three important things to see in this picture:
Heidi who looked smashing, Mr. H part of the heart and soul of our team, and Heidi's cupcakes. I don't even like cupcakes, but Heidi's cupcakes are SOOO Good and decadent...

Speaking of cake:
God Damn that DJ Made my day:
Sunday Morning we were up early and headed for the Summer Sizzler put on by the D and Q team. Chris Arterburn and team put on a great show. On the drive over we saw our teammate Kevin Dillard:
Seeing Kevin, we knew it was an omen and we'd have a great day!

This week was a little hectic. I figured out that I wasn't racing, which was the most peaceful of it all. Diane was set to compete for this first time in over a year. She was pretty nervous. Coming back from injury, not racing in over 13 months, all week was pangs of self doubt for her. "is my knee strong enough?" "am I going to get killed?" "Can I still do this?"

I tried to re-assure her, and at the end of the day, I think I was as nervous as she was. It was a truly a blessing that I wasn't racing.

Barry and Fort James were kind enough to take Diane and Anne around for a pre-ride...
Tom said to Diane as we dropped him off last night, "monk, you're a racer once you pin on the number, you'll know what to do." Despite me making some similar comments all week, coming from Tom, I think she found it calming. We had talked about her taking a more conservative start. We talked about pacing.

We then gun went off, Diane started strongly and fast, hitting the single track in 3rd:
Damn cross racers.

I raced from the start finish to the mid point of the lap, making sure monkey had water, and Gatorade... Monkey threw down her best down:
And finished with a strong 4th place.
Better than either of us had expected. I'm not sure who was more relived or ecstatic Monkey or me. I couldn't have been prouder of her, I doubt have the words. Monk walking to the prize table:
after her race, we hung out and fed some of our expert/elite friends:
Okay, we mostly sat around and shot the shit:
Seriously, I think supporting today was tougher on me, than anytime that I've raced the sizzler.
wow. I don't really think words can capture how proud, and happy I was today... It's been a long hard fight for Monkey. Tenacious Monkey indeed.

L-web decided to race with her eyes shut:
Andrew, Slick Rik and Jimmy Rock:
yup, that is a coke can on Jimmy's head:
got to hang with Travis and Blake a bunch today too, great folks...
Monkey relaxing, enjoying some frozen peas after the race.
Full weekend for sure. Great friends, not too much riding, but as blessed as I am, I'm not complaining... Really good.

I will sleep well tonight for sure.

thanks for reading.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

032: I own Mid Atlantic Cross

“I own Mid Atlantic Cross (.com) !” Mega wrote on the MABS listserve!

I envisioned her thrusting her right hand into the air, and pounding her chest with her left as she types/yells this into the air.

The truth was that Mega now lives in Western Mass, and although she is known to make an appearance or two in the MAC, you know because she is the original queen of the MAC, she’s pretty much a New Englander now, and as such she doesn’t want to pay for the website registration. Totally makes sense.

After a few quick emails, she transferred her rights to me, and I quickly renewed the registration.

At the completion of the registration, I stood in my office and shouted in my best Skeletor voice,

“By the Power of Gray Skull, Now I own Mid Atlantic Cross !!” (.com)

Okay, it’s a website. I don’t even know how to do any web stuff out side of this here fancy , dancy blog.

Eric, thankfully is the MAC webmaster.

But, I own it. It’s kinda like owning a corvette, but not being able to drive stick shift. Right.

Once again, in an excited manner I said somewhat loudly to myself,

“By the power of gray skull, I own Mid Atlantic Cross! “ (.com)

My peer in the next office over peeked around the corner, “Fatmarc, are you okay? What are you doing?”

Slightly embarrassed, but not really I respond, “oh, nothing, just completing another TPS report…”

Quietly I cherished my minor victory...

Insert evil laughter here…


Started PT today. Back is better, but still not right. Been off the bike for 7 days. Getting a little stir crazy. Hope to ride this weekend, even just a little bit easily. That would be fun. No Sewell for me, despite planning on it for weeks. Fairhill 50 is out too. Can’t see to rush back to jump into something that’s just going to push me over the edge again…

However, with me not racing it means I can switch into full on support mode for Monkey as she will be racing, for the first time since her injury this weekend.. Boo-YA…

Anyway, thanks for reading.

And if you’d like, take a look at my new website, that I can’t edit or anything, but you know I sortof own now here.

Thanks for reading…