Saturday, May 17, 2008

149: speculative

Sometimes when you want something for a long time, the anticipation can lead to a huge sense of disappointment when things don't exactly work out as you planned.

Allow me to explain. Washington Street Ale house is a nice little bar in downtown Wilmington. Now I don't frequent the place all that often, but every time I have gone i get this wonderful macaroni and cheese dish. It has a light bread crumb topping, sun dried tomatoes, fine 5 cheese mixture. Really rich, really tasty. I have to admit knowing we'd be in town for the IRONMIKE TT Friday night, all week long I was dreaming about how great this meal was going to be. I was super stoked.

So after the TT, E-town and I had to head around the corner to his house to get him some, well, pants. So the DCCoD caravan hit the bar ahead of us, and started to order. Then we got the call.

Potty Mouth Princess : "do you guys know what you want? We're ready to order"
Faticus: "yup, I'll take the mac and cheese!"
Potty Mouth Princess: " They don't have it anymore. New menu."


Potty Mouth Princess: "hello, are you guys still there !?"

I was devastated.

my hopes, my dreams, all shattered, in that brief exchange. It's painful to even type these words. Guess I'm gonna have to go back to Portland to get a fine Macaroni and Cheese meal again. I could of course try to figure out a recipe for myself. (ha, ha) I ended up with a cup of beer and cheese soup, which was solid, and a very nice fish and chips- which were really very good.

The time trial itself went pretty well, although I'll admit I made a number of mistakes. It rained all day, but let up a couple hours before the race. The course that twisted along the Brandywine River and was under the canopy of trees, as such it was still really wet. Just as things kicked off and the course started to dry out, a heavy mist began falling, and a light shower gently fell on the racers.

I'll admit I was scared. I didn't want to crash. The course was technical from my standpoint with the monkey hill cobbles, and lots of tight corners. This wasn't your typical flat out and back TT run.

So I take off and I pretty much did what I said I didn't want to do, which was ride scared. I balled up a couple of corners, and heading up the final climb, totally started turning on the finishing straight, a block too soon.

The officer at the corner wasn't too helpful as I asked, "hey, is this right!?" She nodded indicating yes, and then she started freaking as I set up and started to turn right, she screamed and I had to basically stop to get started again. Not the way I wanted to finish up the final rise, so I sprinted to get back to speed, and made the correct right turn, and rolled it in to the finish.

I'll admit, I don't like riding scared. I was kind bummed that I did that. And was kicking myself for that, I am a pretty good technical rider and bike handler as long as I keep my head out of it.

As the results came out and the beer started flowing, I was shocked, and everything seemed to get better. Total DCCoD sweep in the Cat 3/4 race ; 1st E-town (C3), 2nd Rob Collins (Henry's) 3rd Faticus (C-3), 4th Der Jan (FSVS). Jebbagger took 1st in the 5's and had the 7th best time overall, (etown 8th, Rob 9th, me 11th). But Jeb did have a dry course, as he was the 4th rider out of the start house.

I mean, the course was much drier than what we had to contend with. (please note sarcam) I should also note Jan likely would have taken me, but he fully committed to the wrong turn on king street, and had to turn around to get back on course.

I was proud of E-town as he pulled the W going Eddie Merckx style on the very technical course. He's been riding well, but in his head a bit lately. Buddy T. Kegbreaker always says, "empty your head man, empty your head..." E-town's was empty tonight for sure.

The podium was in a crowded bar with lots of raucous folks who weren't bike racers, and were pretty lubricated by the time the band stopped and we were called up. Joe Jefferson was busy pimping us out, I just remember looking out into a see of semi-drunk folks, with women at the front and feeling like a mega dork standing there in lycra. Wearing lycra to the bar is not cool. Dennis got this great shot:
Okay from folks I know that are really good guys, and just from the general blogosphere, my understanding was that Johnny Sundt was a douche bag. E-town and I commented as we warmed up, "there's Johnnny-douchebag-Sundt" as we pre-rode and he passed we said to each other in unison : "there's Johnny- douchebag-Sundt." We snickered like the juvenile pricks that we are. It was fun.. heckle the pro. be a jackass. Welcome to the DCCoD.

Plus when a guy punks the local cross heroes, we take it personal. We are a tight community like that.

Funny thing is this after the race, standing around when the results were posted, and waiting for awards, Johnny came over and was talking to me. It was weird, he was really friendly, and really nice. He was talking about racing the Monkey Hill cross race, and the cobbles, and holding his girlfriends clothes while she got her call to the podium. Just a small exchange, but I clearly remember thinking to myself, "why is Johnny-douche bag-Sundt talking to me? I'm just some cat 4 hack." I wished him luck, and rolled out a bit. Etown gave me the stink eye, and asked "what's up with that !?" I just laughed and said, "I have no idea, but he was really nice to me. Not douchey at all. really weird. let's go get you some pants dude." Karma she is an odd mistress at times.

all in all, a really good time. Thanks to Breyla-la, PMP and Monkey for coming out and cheering for us. Thanks to Tom and LWeb for their help at the start finish line too. Thanks to team DRT-Deep Blue for a great event. Thanks to all the folks cheering going up Monkeyhill, that was really cool. Thanks to Washington Street Ale house for a fine fish and chips. Thanks to Johnny for not being a douche to a couple of smart asses.



zayne braun said...

nice joerb bub despite riding inside your head. sounded like a fun time, just like rocktober.......NOT.

rsdmag said...

My wife makes the best mac-and-cheese from scratch. Maybe I could talk her into making some to bring to Granogue....I wonder if it would make a good mid-enduro meal...

fatmarc said...

I don't know about for the enduro race, but this promoter, wouldn't turn it down!


desperatly seeking good mac and cheese

Jim said...

I think Sundt evened out his Karma at the Tacchino. It was hard to see from where I was but it looked like he did a perfect swan dive, layout position, heading into the barriers on lap 1. Total lawn dart.

FWIW I'll hit up my mom for her recipe, it's pretty good. Franklins in Hyattsville (a brewpub with delightful Belgian-style ales just south of College Park) has some really good M&C but I fear they may have changed their menu recently - you may need to order the Kid's portion to get it.

mominfrance said...

In addition to the dry course, Jeb clearly had beginners luck on his side.

Travis said...

Nice job man, HUGE.

Now let's talk about this mac and chez....maybe an auction? I throw out a ten spot for some kicka*s homemade mac and chez

Jannie said...

There are douche bags at all levels. It all depends on your perspective. KRAFT is the MAC Daddy!