Thursday, June 28, 2007

episode 147: zoolander

peaches rocking (with Wes) to the overall last weekend.

So I'm at a fashion show last night. Don't ask it was for work. But this model, pretty cute comes out in this green dress. It is rather form fitting. I was looking at her shoes, as it was that kinda of show, when I hear the woman behind me comment, " are you freakin' kidding me?"

mayhay rolling along nicely.
I look up an quickly notice the model has both her nipples pierced and through the light green dress, and her lack of a bra it was pretty obvious. I glance back to the shoes, and a friend says, "did you see that!?" I smile coyly and say, yeah that was a great slide, I think it will be really hot next spring.


Just because I'm a glutton for punishment, I love Kuhn, and I know the latest anti-zombie technology is in place, I'm headed out to the Marysville stage race this weekend. All you fast guys take it easy on me. I'm pretty awful right now, I just want to have some fun and get some good miles.

what's 55+, and crushes? not a robot from the future, but amazing andrew!

after seeing this, I'm changing my name to black lavender. Seriously, this is the best show on TV right now. Long Live Rob and Big.

Zombie tip of the day:

the walking dead tend to move at a slouch or limp. Even without injuries or advanced decomposition, their lack of coordination make for an unsteady stride. Speed is mainly determined by leg length. Taller ghouls have longer strides than their shorter counterparts. Zombies appear to be incapable of running. The fastest have been observed to move at a rate of barely one step per 1.5 seconds. The dead's advantage over the living is their tirelessness. Humans who believe they have outrun their undead pursuers might do well to remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, adding, of course in this instance the hare stands a good chance of being eaten alive.

black lavender. Yeah, I like that...

Please do not confuse me for a zombie this weekend, I promise I will not eat you.


BL (faticus)

Monday, June 25, 2007

episode 146: Chunky Monkey vs. Cranky Monkey

Last weekend our posse loaded up the trailer and hit the road headed down to the Quantico Marine Base in Triangle Virgina for the inaugural 12hrs of Cranky Monkey. I will admit that I was especially concerned with this trip, as our group can be a bit rowdy, and a little bit obnoxious, albeit in a fun, and a kind manner.

When at Friday night's dinner Rotten Rob commented to the table next to ours, " hi kids, I sure as hell didn't come from a stork." adding " dirty sanchez- ask your mom about that one..." and Levi was feeling no pain as he started the "I love you mans", and a gymnastic demonstration in the Bike Line Parking lot, I had my fears that our antics might end up with one of us on the wrong end of Marine's fist. (Semper Fi)

However, the Marines, the hotel staff, the cranky monkey staff, the waitress at Kate's, every toll collector from hear to Virgina, the waitress at the restaurant who had only been hit on once since she was married and quadrupled that Saturday night, her husband, everyone all seemed to pick up the vibe of our group and seemed to laugh at us, or along with us, either way it was all good. At least we always tip very well.

My team, Rotten Rob, Monkey (Diane) and I took the name Frank Zappa Kappa for our own "old school" like service organization, the mountain bike branch of the Delaware Cyclocross Coalition of Delaware, which was in full effect this weekend. After shitting the bed a bit at the old Stoopid 50, I'll admit I was worried about how I would ride. I was probably a bit over trained and under rested in state college, but I was confident.

Conversely, this weekend I was coming in somewhat concerned how I would perform. Mayhew had me with a very light week, which was very nice. As many of you know I kinda gave up drinking in January, but decided last week to re-apply my efforts, and I jumped in with two feet. I am such a two can Sam. It was sweet. Let me say if you are falling off the wagon, no one is a better person to catch you than buddy the keg breaker.

But I digress, with a couple of days off of work last week, I spent some time with an excel spread sheet and imaginary lap times, trying to devise a strategy within the Cranky Monkey guidelines, that would allow our team success. The plan became what we would refer to the 5-4-3 plan: Faticus Marcus with 5 laps, Rotten Rob with 4, and Chunky Monkey with 3. I felt strongly in our field of 9 teams, if we could nail down 12 laps, it would be a great day for us. In the end it was.

Rob was a fabulous opener, and got me on to the course as the 5 place rider, and from there I hooked up with Jan, and E-town, only to realize if I tried to climb with them, I would implode. The three of us were a Wednesday hills from hell nightmare, a train of death if you will, and frankly I thought it would kill me. So I hopped off on one of the steep gravelly climbs, and let them go. Confidence my friend is a beautiful thing when you have it, self-doubt can be a ball breaker.

The race rolled on, Monkey who battled race gut and boo boo belly all day, rode great, 3 consistent laps, the first and the third identical times, the middle just 3 minutes off of that.
Rotten Rob may have been the revelation of the race. I'll admit, I did not expect to see him ripping in to the transition quite as fast as he did. He was simply awesome. I have been amazed at how much growth he has shown and how much stronger he has gotten. I can't speak for him, but from my observation, this was his best race ever. I could take this opportunity to point out this was his first time racing a Spot Brand 29er, but that might just be over the top.

As for my monkey, I couldn't be prouder of her, she is really hard on herself and tends to shrink into a shell during these events, preferring to suffer in her own world. Again, I am so proud with her growth, having not raced a bike in 5 years, to getting herself to be a very strong middle distance endurance racer/crosser. A year ago, she could not have performed at the level she did yesterday. She proudly commented to me last night before we finally went to bed, "no woman passed me on the course this weekend, I was steadily picking them off, you know except for Amy, but you know she doesn't really count..."
As for me, I started to get my groove back for sure. I didn't start out confident, and I was sure I was gonna have a major crack at some point, but in the end I didn't. I felt pretty good. Not fast, Not incredible, but steady and consistent. I have good fitness, but I am not sharp, I can be better. That's something to strive for. Still my greatest strength has always been consistency, and I think my laps : First lap 49 and some change, subsequent laps falling in the 52-53ish range demonstrate that. Yeah, I can live with that.

At the end of the day, only one other team could match our plan, "gripped films" made up of Jon and Tracy Posner and Ken Bell. We battled back and forth, but at the end of the day, they finished 9 minutes faster than us, with both teams walking away with 12 laps. The way I looked at it, each one of us gave our best, we worked our plan, and at the end of the day, their team was faster than us, kudos to them. Furthermore, I am a huge Jon Posner fan, and the fact that the two teams, who kinda pulled away early, had each other to race, and push each other, made the day that much more fun.

As for the rest of the DCCoD: Tom (papa smurf) knocked himself out during the pre-ride (pretty much literally), Mayhew and E-town took the single speed duo class, E-town rode an inspirated race. Surly Bob and Buddy the Keg Breaker took second in that class, Levi, who I suspect was bitten by a zombie, won the open solo class, Jamie and Amy Brey La La (the super duper duo) won the co-ed division, Jamie was kind enough to ride with me during my last lap as we ripped the single track, he did drop me on the final big climb, but that was cool.

Amazin' Andrew making his first race of the year count, took 5th in the open solo class bouncing back from a rough spring, and two flats on the final lap. Yeah he's 56, and kicking ass, further cementing reports that he is actually a robot from the future sent to dominate endurance events. Frankly, the look of joy on his face looking at the final results, might have been my favorite moment of the day.

Fitzy was 5th in the solo single speed class. Wes the Conqueror and Matt (peaches) took the men's duo class and the entire race with 14 amazing laps. Their team name was peaches and chocolate. Blair Blair and Jan held off a hard charging D&Q team to take the silver medal. Wes earned the fastest lap of the race at 43 minutes. And in the highest tribute of respect, and admiration of a teammate, Buddy and Wes got in just before the cut off to make sure the Bob and Matt got that final lap in.

Special Thanks to Meghan (smurfette) who again juggled 6 teams, and made sure everyone made their transitions and ate, and kept on rolling. She feels bad that she can't work on bikes. I'll have Roger give her a clinic before the next big one. Thanks to Tom who really had the vision for all of this including a completely independent set up for our solo riders staffed by Jenny- Andrew's wife.

Thanks to my DccoD teammates, my Spot Brand/Twin Six teammates, for really an outstanding and incredibly fun and exhausting weekend. This was very good stuff. As always it was great to see Jason at the race; being a stepteammate and all...

Anti-Zombie technique: remember that zombies can't swim, but don't need oxygen to survive, if you chuck them into a body of water, make sure it is deep enough to insure they will not be able to reach up and grab you, or tip your boat. Additionally, they will decompose at a normal rate, so make sure they do it at the bottom of of the body of water. Finally, if you have a choice for your zombie tossing, use a deep lake, or quarry, as chucking a zombie into a river may result in further infestation. There are numerous cases of zombies washing up down stream and infecting another town.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

episode 145: all you zombies in high places

For quite some time I have had an irrational fear of zombies. I have often been concerned that our government, who can't recognize global warming, is not preparing itself to protect it's citizens against a full blown zombie attack. I mean after Katrina, and how poorly that was handled, how the hell can we expect our government to protect us from an outbreak of flesh eating driven zombies.

Luckily for me, whilst taking some time off the bike I came across this book. It has been very informative and helped to clear up a number of basic questions I have always had about zombies, like how they come to exist (it's an incurable virus) and the difference between a voodoo zombie and a viral zombie. Also an important fact, zombies can not reason, learn or use tools. They are driven by an insatiable hunger to feed on live or recently killed humans. They do not tire, only decay as an uninfected corpse would. These facts will all be key in the event of a zombie out break.

much to my surprise the bicycle was rated as the highest quality vehicle in the event of a zombie out break and I quote:
"In a class by itself, the vehicle offers the best of both worlds. The common bicycle is fast, quiet, muscle powered and easy to maintain. Add to the the additional advantage that it is the only vehicle you can pick up and carry if the terrain gets too rough. People using bicycles to escape from zombie infested areas have almost always fared better then those on foot. For optimum performance, use a mountain bike, as opposed to the racing or recreational model. Don't let your speed and mobility go to your head however. Wear standard safety gear, choose caution over speed. The last thing you want is to end up in a ditch legs broken, bike trashed, with the shuffling of undead feet growing louder with each step."

Diane, Buddy and I did a nice tour of French Creek yesterday. Happy to report no zombies were detected. Last night Jamie, Amy, E-town, Rob, Diane, Meg and I went to Home Grown in Newark. Although Falafel seemed to be the choice of the night, I bucked the system and went with a Thai Chicken wrap. It was delicious. Again, although I saw a few Goth kids, no zombies were seen, although I was keeping a keen eye open for them.

Military bases are listed as outstanding safe havens during a zombie out break. This due to the large number of trained soldiers, supplies, and firepower. That makes me feel even better about the Spot Brand Twin Six team, Along with the rest of the Frank Zappa Kappa Crew heading to this race this weekend. I wonder what Kuhn is offering in terms of zombie protection?

In other non zombie news, after very tough deliberation, I have decided to leave the Fort Factory Team. I love Fort Frames and the opportunity to ride with such an incredibly talented and experienced team. Additionally, Gregg was incredibly kind and generous to me, the relationships I have made with members of arguably the mid Atlantic's best cross program ever, are very important to me, however at the end of the day, I decided that black was going to be far more slimming than purple and orange. As my results don't always impact a program, and I am not an elite rider, I believe that I will be much happier in this environment. I hope I can contribute to this very strong Charm City Cycling program. I also know for a fact that Nystrom, Morgan and Lisa V, are experts in counter zombie combat.

remember zombies can't climb, so in the event of attack in your 2 story home, tear down your stairs and make a fortress in the second story.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

episode 144: baked or toasted how ever you like it.

"Mama told me when I was young.
Come sit beside me, my oldest son, and listen closely to what I say. And if you do this,
It will help you some sunny day.

Take your time... don't live too fast,Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you'll find love, And don't forget son, There is someone up above.

Forget your lust for the rich mans gold.

All that you need is in your soul, And you can do this if you try. All that I want for you my son,Is to be satisfied Boy, don't you worry... you'll find yourself.Follow you heart and nothing else. And you can do this if you try.

All I want for you my son, Is to be satisfied."

Diane doesn't understand why I think this picture is hot:

after a tremendous build up and implosion last weekend I admit I was feeling a little over cooked this week. Did some nice riding this weekend, mellow and plodding as my legs are very heavy. Mayhew has me pretty mellow this week. I've got a couple days off from work, I'm gonna try to make up for some lost beer drinking time, and get this: rest.

ride from the soul. I do this because I love it, it makes me happy. I don't do this for results, for the prizes, it's fun, I like to push myself.

Chunky Monkey and I are teaming up with Rotten Rob this weekend as we and the rest of the Frank Zappa Kappa, that's the mountain bike branch of the DCCoD, head off for our next adventure. if the Zappa stuff confuses you, don't worry, just relax and let it come to you.
Thanks to my teammates, and friends for the support. I might be the luckiest man in world today.

Friday night hit the Italian Festival in Wilmington, I haven't been since I was 18. E-town, who has a hell of a gourmet taste, found the one gourmet restaurant booth amongst a million Nick and Joe's Italian slice, sub, sausage joints. This isn't a complaint, because the food was outstanding.

By the way, Matt loves his new nick name: Peaches. Anyone else want a new nick name?


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

episode 143: nick name contest

this is Matt (run forest).
Matt doesn't like his nick name. In fact in this era of name changes :
spot paul to ipaul(c)
Jan to Jens to Uncle Mike
Rob (not that no talent ass clown from matchbox 20) to rotten rob
Dan the man to DDub (his older nickname)

Matt wants to change up. Hell, I even heard that certain BL riders have called me a new nickname: the connoisseur to some or the bike nazi to others. Love to hear the origins of those, but I digress. Please help me give Matt a new nick name. Best suggestion gets naming rights, and some Spot Brand and Twin Six stickers. Oh, and "asshole who attacks at the bottom of every hill and blows up" is taken, I checked. I heart Matt (formerly run forest)

The connoisseur huh? I kinda like that.
That would end my favorite exchange:
person: "hi, I'm insert name here what's your name?"
me: "hi, I'm fatmarc."
person: "YOUR FATMARC !?"
me: "yup."
person: "well you're not that fat."
me: (not sure what to say) "ahh... thanks..." thinking "what do you mean that fat?" or "man, you haven't seen me in my skinsuit yet..."
Or Diane's most frequent conversation at races:

person: "hi, I'm insert name here, how are you?"
Diane: " hi, I'm Diane"
somewhere in conversation
person:"so are you married?"
Diane, "yup, I'm married to Marc" Diane points to me
Person," wait, your married to him, fatmarc !?"
Diane," yup, that's my husband."
person, "really, I never imagined he was married. Really...that guys married, huh..."
Diane"yup" kinda uncomfortable smile... "how about those mets ?"
my wife is pretty awesome, sorry to be such an ass babe, it's just a part of who I am.

Perhaps as the connoisseur I'll have an entirely different, and smooth persona, kinda Rico Suave.
Mr. T gold chains have been ordered...
stay in school or end up like me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

episode 142: Stoopid 50

I love state college, pa. This past weekend some of my best friends in the world, and I traveled out to state college for the stoopid 50 bike race, and to hang out with Wes T. Conqueror and family.

Wes's parents were kind enough to put up a motley crew of folks including : Buddy T. Leg Breaker, Matt (I hate my nickname), Fitzy, Ted Logic, Diane (chunky monkey), and myself.

Saturday we arrived, did some great riding, had some great food, and wonderful hospitality from Wes's parents. The night was topped off with a tour of down town, and some excellent ice cream from the creamery. It was pretty damn awesome.

Sunday came and with it the race which was the meat of our meal. For me this race has been a top priority since I saw it on the calendar. I have trained vigorously for it, and high expectations for my ride, I planned on a sub 6 hour ride, and a top 10ish finish.

I should have known I was in for trouble when I went to shower at the homestead and couldn't figure out how to get the shower on, and ended up taking a whore's bath in the tub using spigot.

It was funny me crouched down lathering up, and rinsing off. Truth is I've done worse, and was stoked to at least have hot water to clean with.

On the way home Diane kept the window open as she bundled up in sweatshirts, because I smelled so bad she could be in a closed car with me. That about sums up my day, I stink.

But I digress, The race started pretty well. Then I shit the bed. Rode very well technically, stuck to my feeding plan, bike was perfect, I just had the suck number turned up to 12. It was really bad. The first hour I was so nervous, like my first race ever or something, I just couldn't get settled. As I plodded along, I felt like I couldn't turn the pedals to save my life. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

It's not about the result (or lack there of) I finished 21st in ss/63 overall, at 5:54 if you take out the neutral start, 5:59 added in. Very frankly the guys that finished in front of my are great riders, riders who have beaten me before, and riders I respect a ton, but it's about how I felt on the bike, about how I ride, and that was poor in my opinion.

I gave up beer for this?
I've been training my ass off for this?
I've been doing hill repeats at 5:30 in the morning for this?
I did that damn fasting diet in January for this?

Why? Jesus, I could have not ridden for a month and did what I did today.

It was very disheartening to say the least. It'll be back to the lab for me this week. I think once again I have found a masterful way to squander my fitness, and potential for good a result. It's a damn good thing I love to ride my bikes, no matter how awful I am at it at times.

That's all I have to say about that.

All in all, save for racing like ass, it was a wonderful weekend, and reminded me why I love state college, the course was great, the riding was phenomenal, it was just good all the way around. You know except for not being able to turn the pedals very well.

Jamie and Amy, those beers you left in the fridge, thanks guys, they were great, now I'm looking forward to hitting the private stock that Buddy had Diane holding for her. I am lucky to get by with a little help from my friends.

stay in school, remeber to turn the suck knob down.


Friday, June 8, 2007

episode 141: brevity

Luxy told me my last two posts were way too long.

sorry kids, I can be long winded.

let me say this.

these guys came to my house last night to ride with Monkey and I:

we did a little over and hour and a half at a nice pace it was fun.

apparently someone put this up at the spot where Andrew was killed:

The old cross was destroyed in the storm a couple years ago, this was a long
time coming. that's all I have to say about that.

State College this weekend.
- 6 hours
- have fun
- not cry on the side of the trail (after the finish is acceptable)
- eat lots of lasagna
- drink a beer

gotta go to work now, because I didn't stay in school.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

episode 140 : a little back ground

along time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

a group of kids, tired of plying their developing skill riding around in the same circles all the time, came up with an idea.

How cool would it be to link up all of the trail system's in the Newark area? Can it be done, how long would it take? how much road would be needed, avoided?

4 park year one.
at that time the youngins rode out of the shop that sponsored them: Wooden Wheels in Newark. The idea of the four park was to break the cycle of
riding around the same smaller parks, the same trails and create a bigger ride, something more of a challenge more of an adventure.

The first four park rides would leave from the shop charge down creek road, up through Carpenter park, over to fairhill to wrap around the little egypt loop, and then down 273, to Rittenhouse and finally Ironhill, before going back up iron hill and home. Sometimes when we were really adventurous, we'd ride scottfield, a set of trails behind a small neighborhood that moto's ride on now, but originally was a testing ground for WWII tanks that Chrysler built. Lots of quick up and downs, lots of deep puddles that you don't want to know what is in them. For those counting at home:

park 1: Carpenter park
park 2: fairhill
park 3: Rittenhouse
park 4: Iron Hill
park 5: scottfield (if you were super adventurous)

I still remember the first time we made that loop, we felt like conquerors of the world. Also mind you at this time the fairhill system was about 25% as big as it is now. the concept of riding 3 hours and never hitting the same trail was pretty foreign to us.

4 park the second generation:
Somewhere along the lines, Jay Jay made the great observation that if you can ride 6 hours in a weekend, you can do a 24hr team race. Yup, he was right. At that same time, Ted Logic, Chris Van, Caltuna, and Fitzy were all living over in Newark. These rides where no longer a week night challenge, but a Saturday morning event that many folks got excited for, as we often had large groups of folks heading out to tackle our now growing multi-park epics.

Ted devised this great loop of heading out 273 to fairhill, doing a big loop out there and then slowly working our way back to the house on Elsworth, by weaving our way back through carpenter, white clay: which at this time was a series of double track rolling trails with some long and steep climbs that butted up to Middle run on fox den road, finally we'd cut through middle run, and then ride the judge morris estate, which was formerly UD land, and a series of cool pirated trails formed on the property, with a totally different character than middlerun. Believe it or not, this sections used to have the most challenging climbing, and technical riding in town. again for those counting at home:

park 1: fairhill
park 2: carpenter/white clay
park 3: Middle Run
park 4: the judge

4 park from Fatmarc's
this generation was a product of me moving to fairhill, and wanting 3.5 hours or so on the bike. Often leaving from my house at some ungodly early hour, we would weave our way through fairhill, hit white clay, which was blossoming, through middle run and the judge. The problem is, by the time we have ended up out at the judge we often find ourselves bonking, with pretty much the same territory to follow on the way home. Yikes. Mileage here had uped to about 38-40, and many would sit in for the fairhill section, and drop off along the way. This was about the time we started having out of town guests like Bob, Wes,Trevor, Ricky D, Brian B, Chris Allen, and Elk come down for the ride. Still love to get Kuhn down for a ride.

We usually did these in the spring as base miles, or in the summer with some more intensity planning for a big event. The score card reads:
park 1: fairhill
park 2: carpenter/white clay
park 3: Middle Run
park 4: the judge

The Current Version:
Is a product of the sick minds of Buddy and Matt. The ride will leave from Matt's house, which is strategically located between fairhill and the whiteclay-middle run system (which has become so similar it's hard to call the parks separate anymore as the character of each park is so vanilla now- not a complaint, just an observation). These rides usually take 4.5 hours and are roughly 50 miles. Leaving from Matt's works because you can choose to take on the more difficult fairhill first, or the more gentle middlerun/white clay system. My vote is to get the tougher section out of the way first, for instance last weekend we did 30 miles at fairhill, then moved over through white clay and middle run, to highlight some of the newer trails, before working our way home.

Now this ride may no longer be called a 4 park, especially because we skipped the judge last week but it is by far the boldest and biggest commitment from what we have done on these rides thus far. Very cool.

On the score card:
1. Fairhill
2. white clay
3. middle run
4. the judge

thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me.
stay in school.


Friday, June 1, 2007

episode 139: imposter bike shop employee

there are two bike shops that I frequent pretty regularly now a days: Henry's Bike in Pike Creek, and Bike Line in Newark. Both shops have been very kind to me, and help support my racing. I appreciate that. Both shops also are successful at creating an environment where folks like to hang out. And as such, from time to time I have been known to hang out at these shops.

Sometimes whilst hanging out customers will confuse me for an employee of the shop, which I love, even though I know that my knowledge of bikes and bike parts and in general mechanics, is pretty poor. I mean, it's not a mistake that I ride a single speed mountain bike, really it's pretty simple. But, I digress my last such encounter went something like this:

customer,"excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between these two bikes?"

me, excited to help, " sure, I'm happy to help, first off this one over here is blue, and that one, that one over there is yellow."

customer looks at me a bit confused.

Me, still being very helpful, " now, I'm no expert on the trek product line, but let me say that both of these bike are what industry types like to call hybrid bikes. That means they are designed to be comfortable to ride, some are designed to lean towards the mountainside, some lean to the road side. This one has skinnier tires, and bigger wheels, and leans to the road more, this one has bigger tires, and smaller wheels and leans toward the mountainside"

customer feeling a bit better, " well, I'm buying this for a 13 year old girl, which way would you go?"

Me, coming clean, "ma'am let me be honest, I don't work here, I'm just hanging out, but my guess would be go with the mountain style bike, it's a little more burly and could likely take the beating a 13 year old might lay on it."

customer slightly embarrassed," oh, I'm sorry, I thought you worked.."

Me, " no need to apologize ma'am, I kinda have that look, and besides, I was happy to help, do you want me to get someone who really works here to ring you up? "

customer, "no we are just shopping now, but thanks for your help..."

I won't even mention the day Rick let me work at Henry's as a substitute. that was bliss

Nice group this morning for the early bird special out of my place. 7:30 am for a 3 hour tour at fairhill.

super duper. Matt (run forest), Buddy the leg breaker, Kurtee, Jay Jay, Mr. Doyle, Dennisbike, Alan the cleaner, Tom (papa smurf) and Fitzy joined me for a fun little ride. They have some cool logs over at fairhill that have fallen, and have been made into trail challenges. We played on those a bit. Mr. Doyle complained the ride was too flat. He can climb up walls, freakin' 110lb monster.

Matt (run forest): "I'm looking at the bios on the twinsix page. You see the nicknames: Fatmarc, the picture shows fatmarc, you look at it, and go, yeah he's kinda husky, I can see that, you see Buddy the leg breaker, and you look at the picture and go, yeah look at that guy, he's an animal, I can see that, then you look at me Matt run forest. Then you look at the picture and you go, yeah he looks like forest gump, I can see that... "

by the way Matt, thanks for telling me I was number one today. (see first picture)

good times.

check this out: funny ass shit.
and this: good looking jersey. a good cause too. Really would you expect anything less from the boys at Twin Six?
stay in school.
sorry to anyone whose link was lost in the transfer of formats. I think I got everyone, if I missed one that your looking for let me know, I'll get it back there.