Wednesday, May 30, 2007

episode 138: steady as it goes

I had a little melt down this week. Too much stress in the world, most of which I put on myself.

I let a good friend down badly, but thankfully that is behind us now. I am a pretty passionate, and emotional fellow. I was pretty wrecked.

Truthfully really needed to just break away for a bit. I think I'm a bit burnt mentally after granogue and I have been working very hard lately. In fact you might say I've been macking.

I never intended to be some jabba the hut or something, I love my community and never want to be a decisive figure in it. Guess I should stop calling people the Darth Ying huh? I can be a bastard, I do believe there is a right way and a wrong way to play this game. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I don't want to be one of the heather's and have christian slater trying to kill me.

Someone told me this week I have the coolest table in the cafeteria to sit at, so be it, let it roll.
When did that happen, I'm the skaterfag that all the jocks checked into lockers. I'm the dude, chicks laughed at. come as you are mother fuckers... come as you are...

He also said that if you really care about people from time to time there will be some heartache.
wise man he is, glad to count him as a good friend. Too much heartache this week, too much.

He told me some other stuff that was so nice, I welled up a bit. Like I said, it's been a rough week. He'll have to speak at my funeral, you know in 70 years or so from now.

Did some time in fairhill, just racking up miles, flowing through the single track, all solo and feeling fast like. Sometimes a solitary trail ride can solve the worlds problems.

Mayhew gave me a tough mission this morning. I felt like ass, I couldn't believe it, but I just keep pushing. I was sure, as bad as I felt that my power numbers would be crap compared to last week. Which was basically the same work out, same hill, and I felt damn near invincible.

Low and behold at every point, my numbers were up this week. Every fucking point. I stopped using all gizmos because I paid too much attention to them, Mayhew wanted me to try something, and damn today it was cool to see that suffering was worth it. More power at every fucking point. Sweet. I wonder what a single speed power tap wheel will run me?

Don asked for my feedback on the switchblade fork. Let me say this, I like the surly fork that I had been using. It's a lot like me, a little overweight, but steady and consistent. It's a little flexible, and no where near bling, but it gets the job done. The switch blade is pretty damn nice. Lighter, stiffer, faster. I love the way it makes the bike handle. It was fast before, but now it really makes the Gay UPS Truck carve. So yeah I like it, I think it's less forgiving than the ole monkey fork, but it turns really nice, and it's much lighter. And dude, it looks so fucking sweet on my bike. Which after all is key, if you can't be fast, might as well look fast right?

Monkey, FFA and I did a ride with one of the local teams tonight. Nice group of folks, fun ride. Had the feeling like the ride leader was trying to rip my legs off for the first 50 minutes or so. But Dennis Bike, Diane and Amy finally went to the front and brought some sanity back to my world. Perhaps payback for past indiscretions on my part. What ever I did to anyone I'm sorry. Jesus, that hurt. And was mean. I'm just a harmless fatkid, with a bad haircut. No need to try and kill me in the woods. The ride was very fun. I was grateful to be a guest, and really had a good time. Thanks Team Deep Blue.

anyway, this post was pretty lame, I'm pretty tired. I'm doing another century this weekend. I need the miles. I'm pretty scared of the Stoopid 50. Course reports are giving me nightmares.
I feel like some how another century will make me feel better. What's the time cut off for the 50?

did you see Zach's sweet prom pictures?

Stay in school.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

episode 137: adjustment

"uncle fatmarc?"

"yes, Jake?"

"My pee-pee is up."
"Uncle fatmarc?"

"uh, yeah?"

"My pee-pee is up."

I looked out of the back seat window of the car, where I was helping my young nephew get strapped into his car seat, only to see my brother and sister in law laughing their asses off. I continued, " Jake, buddy there are a lot of things that I can help you with but I'm not touching that one."

Luckily, my brother in law interceded and explained," Jake doesn't like his gear facing up with the buckle on his car seat. It kinda jams him all up"

With I huge sigh of relief, I told Jake, "okay dude, " as I unbuckled the car seat, "go ahead and move your junk."

Jake, as if wanting me to share in his pain, promptly kicks me in the junk, with a swinging foot. In my new soprano voice, "hey, buddy no need to be kicking uncle fatmarc in the junk, I get what you are saying."

Jake took his hand, jammed it up the leg of his shorts, and made an adjustment. "that's better he said to me."

Then I hear my 2 year old nephew in his cute little voice say, "my pee pee is up." I feel my face get covered in red, as I fear going through this entire routine again, as now all the outlaws have gathered to watch me squirm. Luckily, Monkey interceded, "Justin, you have a diaper on, your junk is just fine."

Justin looks at me with a shit eating grin laughing, in his wee little mind, I know he was saying, "I got you uncle fatmarc, ha, ha, ha."
With that, we loaded up the mini and headed home from the narrows, just north of Annapolis where we enjoyed an afternoon of eating crabs on the water. It was good to see the family. I had a bit of boo boo belly, not sure if it was the sushi from the night before or the three hour tour of fairhill I did with the boys earlier that morning (Me, Fitzy, Amazin' Andrew, Kurtee, Jay Jay, Papa Smurf, Leo (dezguyz), E-town) that had me all jacked up.

I'll admit, through the first hour, where I tried to hit as many climbs as I could, I was turning the pedal with some aggression, I felt pretty good, and wanted to keep things moving. Shortly after that, as the ride came across more evenly flowing trail, and I started to tire out, the group really picked up. I found myself hanging on for dear life on our final accent up 5 bridges and back to the fatmarc homestead.

all in all a pretty spectacular day, and the chocolate milkshake from the crab deck, advertised as the best in town, was pretty damn good. I didn't have anything to compare it to, so I can't say it was the best in town just yet, but it was pretty damn good.

stay in school.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

episode 136: busted.

no not wearing women's underwear, everyone knows, that the key to promoting a successful race, is wearing the right thong.

Mayhew, also known in these parts as the little hairy angry midget who is trying to help fatmarc turn down the suck knob, had me doing a work out that looked something like this:

So I was pretty fried, but wanted to ride some more after work. This year I bought a geared mountain bike. I hate the fucking thing. It's not the gears, it's the frame geometry. I have no idea how to make that sonofabitch turn. Unlike my precious Spot Brand 29ers, that flow and roll, and corner, and... well, my geared bike, the baby bike, just brings me frustration. Needless to say, that frame, with all of 4 rides on it, will be going for sale soon. Buy it on e-bay.

As my legs felt like crap, and I really wanted ride slow, I figured I could sneak out to Fairhill. And I did, it was a nice ride, with my MP3 player keeping me company, I wandered my way around the trail system hitting crack head bob, and south park.

Up the final stretch on my ride home, I joined into the back of a HUGE Delaware trail spinners finishing up their ride. I didn't want to disrupt so I just sat in the back. The group was regrouping and then someone noticed me. They yelled, "what are you doing here ? " I replied, "spinning out the legs..." There was some very nice pleasantries about the race last weekend, and then some looked at my bike, and their mouths dropped open, "you- you are riding gears!?"

I was so busted. I responded, "yup, just spinning.." There were smiles on every one's faces, but I knew what they were thinking. As I rode through the crowded parking lot I saw some familiar faces, (ben and gavigan) and they too quickly pointed out that I was in fact on a geared bike.

Maybe I'll go Goghen and check into rehab today.
Hills from hell tonight. Should be pretty interesting. My legs feel like ass.

Tom bought the pups some matching pink doggie T-s. Riley didn't love his, but Layla, she loves to wear clothes, and the pink, she loves it.

Tom is such a good man.


Sunday, May 20, 2007



So many of you could have been anywhere in the world today, but instead, you choose to hang out with me and my friends. For this I am very grateful.

Thanks to all of you thank came up to me, a thanked me for the event, or complimented the course, or the prizes, it really means a lot. Frankly promoting a race is a labor of love, and much harder than racing a race, to have folks come up to me and shake my hand, or hug me, meant a lot.

I want to share all of that love with the cast of 50 or so that worked their asses off to help make this event happen, this includes team deep blue, Spot Brand-Twin Six, Wooden Wheels, the secret Henry’s team, Fort Frames, the Delaware Cyclocross coalition of Delaware, members of Bike line, FSVS, Visit Pa, and a dude named Levi who 3 weeks ago, I didn’t really know, but really busted his ass today.

That being said, there were three major errors that I will personally take responsibility for and I want to apologize to anyone impacted by them for.

Sport Registration was not smooth or timely. Very frankly with the new scorers, and some new registration requirements, I was not familiar enough with the process, and had a sick feeling in my stomach the entire time. As a result I wasn’t able to train my team, and we were slower, and had some confusion regarding registration. Pre-reg for our race and Pre-Reg for the series was not clear. I expect there will be some incorrect team names, and a couple of numbers without rider names. If you are impacted please email me directly and I will contact Rick for correction. (
I did not communicate clearly to my staff that only the youngest of the beginner juniors were only doing one lap. As a result as many as 5-7 riders who should have directed to do a second lap were told they were finished. I feel really awful about this one. As a result at the award ceremony I offered prizes to any rider affected, and I will go further here to say I will refund your entry fee if that is your wish. If you were impacted please email me: and we can work this out. Additionally, I will contact the series directors and see if there isn’t a points remedy for those chasing points, my guess is there isn’t an easy fix, I apologize for that.
Finally, in the Marathon race, which we scored, not pro timing, we missed the actual 3rd placed rider, and cost him a podium trip. I feel most awful about this as trips to the podium are few and really far between. Chris Fallon from Bike Line, or Ninja Chris as I like to call him, finished 3rd in the Marathon single speed class. We prized him, and plaqued him, but didn’t get him to the podium. Thankfully the error has been fixed. We hope to have all the Marathon results, complete with lap times in an excel sheet on the mass site, or at least to Rick in the next day or two.

Again, thank you all for a really wonderful day. Thank you for your support. I am completely exhausted, completely worn out, but really excited for what a great day today was, I am also excited as we are going to be able to make a nice donation to the Hera Women’s cancer group as well. Thanks again, for coming to honor and celebrate the life of our good friend Andrew Mein, thanks for your support of the Granogue race, and our community.

I’d also like to point out what a huge asset our current series promoters: Rick, John and Mike truly are. Thank you all for your support as well.

Your Spot Brand Whore

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

episode 135: gold digger

So I'm driving home from the Granogue Estate last night, I hear a raucous over to left of me, and I feel compelled to look over . I see a car full of attractive, college aged girls pulls up along side me at an intersection.

Now, because I'm a dude, I think every car full of girls on the highway, thinks I'm the man, and pretty much thinks I'm hotter than Brad Pitt. To women this entire scenario may just seem ridiculous. Please understand the "pick up women while driving" is part of the male DNA, we all pretty much think this way. So don't be alarmed when the 13 year old dude in the car next to you looks up from his gameboy and winks at you, or the 80 year old dude driving 40 mph on I-95 suddenly looks up and gives you a big ole smile. We can't help it, it's DNA. But I digress, back to the story.

The girl in the passenger seat gives me the wave. Oh, you know the wave, the one where the girl smiles coyly, and slowly one finger at a time waves at the older, creepier man driving the blue toaster. Sometimes I think women are genetically coded to try and make men think that they can pick up a car full of women while driving. This entire scene reminds me of Chevy Chase, when he was still funny, in a National Lampoons Vacation kinda way.

Traffic started moving again, and I get a chuckle at the entire situation. I look out the side window and see their car pulling up alongside of me again. I want to do something funny, something to show that I appreciated the wave, something to respond to the fact that they could clearly not resist me, you know while driving.

So just as they pulled even with me, I stuck my finger up my nose and began twisting, as if I was hunting for gold. I turned and faced them, with my finger up my nose, and made a face of pure shock, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. They started laughing, and then I pulled my finger out of my nose, started laughing back, after getting a tissue, I turned on my turn signal and headed down Cleveland ave and towards the homestead, laughing all the way home....

Hills from hell was cancelled tonight, due to passing thunderstorms. This may have been a good thing. Monkey sensing my stress levels, advised that I get my swerve on tonight with a few frothy beverages. I kinda gave up drinking, or at least greatly reduced my intake this year, so I really only needed a couple, but with my compatriots : Jan, Rotten Rob, Monkey, E-town and Meghan, I decided to go full force and have a couple more. Swerve fully on.

At deerpark, we tackled a hills from hell of a different kind attacking a half priced nacho, and many other dishes including fish taco, crab fries, and a frickin' quesidilla. It was awesome.

Our waitress Jess, I think her name was, was the greatest ever. First when the taps, on the kegs were all jacked up, she says, "you know usually I say you can never have too much head, but the taps are broken, and foaming way to much."

I think rotten rob saw hearts around her head and fell in love right away. She did an awesome job the rest of the night dishing smiles, burns and food. When we were getting the check we asked her two questions. First I asked her:

So what do you think about guys that wear those blue tooth phones? Are they getting any play?
she laughed and said, that only dorks wore them, and they were getting no action. especially when they walk around talking on them.

Next, Rob asked her what she would think of a guy who would wear pink and green?
She said pink reminds her of bubble gum, bubble gum is soft, and she can't be with a soft guy.

Laughter erupted at the table. There was some other exchange where rotten rob offered to show some other things to her, you know for a purely scientific reasons. She just smiled coyly...

It was a great night, and a much needed stress reliever. A good time was had by all, even Jess.

And my swerve was/ is fully on.

And for something that has nothing to do with nothing, I know, at the end of the day, I know the truth. And regardless of what other people will spin, I know. I might not want to know, but I do know, you can call it what you want, but I know exactly what happened, and at then end of the day, I have a clear conscious, and I can look myself in the mirror.

Good luck, and good night.

stay in school.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

episode 134: frenchie

Cross country mountain biking is not my cup of tea.

Reality came to me a couple years ago. Shocker huh. Not if you look at my results. But that's okay, it's not really about results anymore, I find myself more striving to feel the way I want to during a race, to have my flow... I do love team relays, and I think that is really my forte.

In these events you can make up for poor talent with preparation, teamwork, and strategy. I also really enjoy the camaraderie and relationships doing these events promotes and builds. Nothing says "friend" like sending your exhausted buddy out for one more lap at 11:59 am...

Nothing says gut check like the 3am lap of a team relay race for me. It's trying to do a TT or your fastest lap, in the dark, already exhausted and sleep deprived, with a stomach that feels like Mt. Saint Helen's circa 1980.

While I greatly admire the solo feats of insane strengths of true endurance athletes, I have neither the mental fortitude or physical ability for such acts, nor as rotten rob and surly bob point out, the desire to miss out on all the fun stuff going on at the compound. And since, thank god, I'm not paying the mortgage or the therapist riding a bike, middle distance is where I choose to point my energies.

Perhaps most importantly, I'm not very good at cross country. 2-3 hours of balls to the wall. Reality is I'm not really that tough. Reality is I'm middle distance, 4-6 hours, a more reasonable pace, preferably with a little rest in the middle. You know for a cup of joe, some chatting, maybe a bite to eat.

Need a role player on your team? I'm your hoss: have bike will travel. In the NBA they call us journeymen. And you know, I'm really okay with that, in fact I love that. I realish that role.

With that as the back drop, I went to the french creek xc race today. The mass opener. I went because I love to ride french, I admire the beans guys and wanted to support their race, and I want to support the new series leaders.

Selfishly, I love riding rocks, and I wouldn't have a chance to race again before the stoopid 50.

Matt (run forest) and Buddy the leg breaker more than had the expert single speed covered for Spot/Twin Six. Finishing 6th and 8th respectively. Bravo Boys, Bravo.
I took on the gearies in the 35+ class. I started third row, and was pretty patient off the start, as we hit the single track I was able to move up, and felt really good. Through a technical section, I passed through a good group of fellas. At the front of the group was Auer who got tangled up with a kid and ended up running a few steps without his bike. I said to him, "dude in cyclocross we run with our bikes..."

up the next climb Auer would ride past me.

I had my flow full on going today,I was very aggressive on the downs. Believe it or not I climbed well too. That was surprising.

Well, until the "orange" climb on the backside, this is where I got myself into a spot of difficulty, the climb was long and had some steep sections, I just couldn't turn the cranks over like I wanted. So I ended up trying to run, but really walking, okay more like taking big steps. That was tough. It felt like a million people got by me as I struggled on that section, I kept looking up and saying, how much further is this going to go? It kept going a bit further...

When I finally got rolling again, I was able to pick off a few of the folks that got by me. Then we had the last half of the lap to do again. I felt really good, grinding up the climbs I was still picking folks off, which was kinda of surprising for me, and descending I felt right on spot today.

I never got everyone back who passed me, but at the end of the day I finished up 9th place in the 35+ expert class. I far exceeded my expectations, I climbed really well, maybe too well early, costing me some on the that back climb, but the reality it was a damn good day.

Man that was cool. First time I felt "right" in a race this season. Yeah man. I had hoped to crack the top 20 today, so to get 9th, and to flirt with a much better result than that, was pretty damn encouraging. Thank you Mr. Mayhew.

I also want to thank everyone who complimented how svelte I was looking today or asked how much weight I have lost. Here's the god's honest truth. I am racing about 2lbs heavier than last year, although I'm still hoping to lose those 2 lbs. Which means one of three things:

1. Everyone likes to tell the fat kid he looks like he is losing weight.

2. Rock climbing has given me a buff upper body, thus hiding my gut.

3. The new "skinny jersey" by twin-six with the built in girdle works great.

I won't express which one I believe it is.

remember next week is Escape from Granogue in honor of Andrew Mein. The race is promoted by our community and in addition to being a kick ass race, on a trails you can only ride during the race, one dollar from every racer entered will be donated to the HERA Women's Cancer group. Like women? hate Cancer? do something about it. Sam L will be there representing the group, and they will be holding raffles to help fund raise for the group as well. You can buy a raffle ticket here.

Props to Fitzy who rolled big time last weekend, with a nice big podium, finishing in 3rd in the tough sport single speed class. F-yeah fitzy, f-yeah.

Pictures from this blog are from MLKimages. I will steal more from as soon as i get a chance.

rock and roll.

stay in school.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

episode 133: twist ties

I just ordered 1500 twist ties. They are being sent 2nd day air. The shipping cost as much as the twist ties. I'll be honest it's worth it. The assurance that they'll be here by next Friday isn't enough, as my stress levels reach defcon 5, one week out from the Escape from Granogue race.
I'll say this, we've done this enough times, I have enough great people around me, I know the race will be great. But very frankly, until it all comes together, until the final racer crosses the line, I'm pretty much a wreck.

I am very excited this year, as one dollar from every racer entered will be donated to the HERA Ovarian Research group. Sam L will be there representing the group, and they will be holding raffles to help fund raise for the group as well. You can buy a raffle ticket here.

Been enjoying a rest week after Lodi. Been riding, but just will no intensity. Problem there is sometimes when you do something at half speed, your timing is off and you can jam yourself up. which is basically what i did. Back feels awful. So I have that going for me. I guess that's the Karma I get for stirring up shit a couple of email lists this week.

I am racing French Creek tomorrow. Well, Buddy the leg breaker said it best, I'm gonna pay my money, and ride my miles, whether or not you want to call that racing is really up to you. I heart French Creek.

Anyway, next week Escape from Grangoue, a great course, it's really come together well this year, flowing well, hard, fast technical, a mountain bikers course, really fun.

A great community race put on with the help of the Spot/Twinsix whores, the secret henry's team, wooden wheels bike shop, members of team bikeline, visit pa, FSVS, deep blue, the Delaware Cyclocross Coalition of Delaware, the PWC, and basically anyone else I can rope in.

Come out you'll have fun, the race benefits the HERA Wonen's Cancer Group, as well racing in the Northern Delaware Area.

Photos in this blog were from Gary at Lodi.

sorry if I don't have some much interesting to say in the next couple of days.

oh yeah, what the hell happened to today's boobies. That was the best blog going, to end on a down note is kind of a bummer too.

stay in school.


Monday, May 7, 2007

episode 132: veni vidi vici

12 hours of Lodi Farm.

we came. we saw. we were victorious.

5 members of the Mighty Spot Brand presented by Twin Six team, accompanied by our co-affiliation, the Delaware Cyclocross Coalition of Delaware, converged upon Fredricksburgh, VA for the 9th annual 12 hours of Lodi farm.

Our compound housed a number of teams and solo riders they were:

Single Speed Trio: Surly Bob, Matt (run Forest) and your truly (fatmarc)
Sport trio: E-town, IPaul(c) (formerly Spot Paul) and Uncle Mike (formerly Jan)
Women's Duo: Chunky Monkey and FFAmy
Solo: Blair, Blair
Single Speed Solo: Fitzy, and Rotten Rob (formerly ntntacfmb20)

Running the compound and keeping us all sane were Meghan and Tom (papa smurf)

The weekend was a resounding success, as all of our efforts proved to be incredibly fruitful. Matt, Bob and I successfully ran away with not only the single speed class, but the entire event, logging the most laps of any team with 15 total. Matt started the race off with a bang, as he set the early fastest lap record, and held off a charging Bob Anderson to take the first lap. Matt's 49 minute lap would hold up through the night as the fastest lap, and would remain the fastest night lap. In the morning as things began to dry out Bob threw down a 46, Matt matched, Bob followed up with a 43 to take the fastest lap. It was blistering...

As for me, I admit, I never felt great this weekend, while my teammates were simply brilliant, I never found my rhythm, I put in solid consistent laps, and I gave them a little more time to recover. (51,51,48, 51,48) . For whatever reason I never felt like I could get on top of the gear, or into a flow. The last section of the course was flat, tight and had lot of hard corners. This is stuff I love, but frankly I never found my groove. I can't say I'm disappointed, but if felt like I had something more to uncork, that I never did. I dreaded that last section because I knew I just couldn't get my thang rolling. It's really a sad day when fatmarc is looking forward to climbing, because at least I can bite my lip and get through that with some proficentcy.

Fuck it, we won, I don't get to type or say that all too often and trust me, it's all smiles on this end of the keyboard.

I'll admit that the team format is really my favorite style of mountain bike racing, if I could bag regular cross country all together and just do team races (hey wait, I've done 3 so far this year...) that's all I would do. Simply put the relationships, the trust, the shared experiences of these events, is so much more rewarding to me than a normal cross country race. Even a solo event, you rely on your team in the pit to take care of you.

Every time Blair, Rob or Fitzy came into the pit, it was like a nascar pit stop, as people (mostly tom and meg) washed bikes, stuffed food, filled camel backs, and kept the rider mentally in the game. The commitment to finish one of these events solo or as a team, is huge, trying to becompetitive is even harder. You have to trust your teammates, you have to be able to be positive at the camp, when really all you want to do is die. You have to work with 12 other people when you have race gut, it's dark, wet and cold, and you don't want to get out of your sleeping bag to do your damn laps. But for your friends, for your brothers and sisters, you do it, you proudly do it.

These are experiences I never found in a regular cross country race. If the whole of our lives is a collection of our experiences then these are the kinds of experiences I want from my mountain bike racing.

As I said, my teammates were simply brilliant, and I was honored to be Dennis Rodman to their Scottie Pipen and Michael Jordan.

Here are some other random thoughts from the event:

The Sport (Uncle Mike, E-town and Ipaul(c) )team won their division and took second in the overall, with a last moment attack launching Uncle Mike for one more lap, stealing a couple spots in the over all. It was beautiful.

Ipaul (c) is a suffering machine, coming into the event with an already jacked up back, he kept grinding, and grinding. He was amazing, as was Uncle Mike, who hasn't spent a ton of time in the single track, but has plenty of power to throw down. E-town was at his best. Perhaps the best I have seen him ever, he threw down a nice :45 for his final lap, he really wanted to move up on the overall...

Rotten Rob rode steady for a 5th place ride in the solo single speed class, and then fell asleep in E-town's trunk, and the table at the resturant.

Fitzy overcame a broken axle on his first lap, and a light failure to keep his cool and battle back to a 6th place finish. I was really proud of Fitzy this weekend. He planned his work, and worked his plan, even when all hell broke loose for him

Blair Blair took 3rd place in the solo with 12 laps. The phrase most heard around our compound was "no offence Blair, but it was great to drop you on that last lap." or "sorry I had to drop you Blair, but you know I had to keep going you were just crawling along..." A think a lot of fantasies were played out this weekend. We may all pay for that later, but Blair was totally a good sport, and was really incredible.

Diane and Amy won the women's duo division, but were also scored against the 16 other men duo teams, and finished 5th overall- super work for both of them. Phil announced them as the winner of the class, and said, I'm para-phrasing, don't think they are winning just as they are women, these are some fast ladies, as they finished 5th overall in the open duo class. That was really cool. I know it made Diane's weekend as she beamed for the ride home. Okay, she beamed and pointed on all the new bruises she got this weekend.

there was a little prize money amongst us, it was all thrown in a pot for a very nice Mexican dinner that hit all the right spots.

Really happy to have Bob a part of the Spot Program. Yeah, the fact that he threw down the fastest lap was nice, but even if he didn't, he is a great guy, he meshes with the some what outside the box personalities than can be a part of our group. Bob comes from and is still apart of the Bean's family which is really a great program. Great riders, great people, I appreciate the faith he had is us, to trust what we are doing and join our family. Super stoked to have him on the team and a part of our family.

Uncle Mike from America drank Perrier the entire time. No comment.

Time to cowboy up: when Bob pulled up to my house to leave, I had my sporty sweater vest on, he said, "if you can wear a sweater vest, I can wear a cowboy hat"

When I saw Jason, our Twinsix step teammate, I planted a huge sloppy kiss on his cheek per the instructions of TwinSix leader Brent.

At E-town's urging I purchased a thing of nutella. Matt, Bob and I had never had nutella before. We found it's simple smooth chocolate flavor delightful. This may have been the secret to our victory. Matt, Bob and I have a nutella anonymous meeting on Friday.

we had our trailer set up as the heated changing room. After the first pre-ride lap, and all of us changing in there, leaving our sweaty and wet cycling clothes, it smelled like the nastiest lockeroom I had ever been it, at the end of the weekend, when we opened the door to load up, a cloud of funk was released that killed a flock of birds flying by our trailer. They all just instantly dropped to the ground.

B-man, Jason's son was rightfully kinda shy, and maybe a little intimidated by all of our set up, but as we offered him some of Meghan's birthday cake (she turned 16 this weekend), he warmed right up.

On my last lap, I came across a kid, totally bonked on the side of the trail. After making sure he was physically okay, he could count my fingers, tell me my helmet was pink, and I gave him some Gatorade, a couple a nice ladies rode behind me said, we'll stay with him, if you send help, I pointed at him, winked, and said, "you'll thank me for this one later" with a shit eating grin on my face. He broke his bonked look to smile back at me.

As we all waited in our tent city for the midnight start, which frankly is one of the hardest things about this race, and also what makes it really special, the rain poured down, there was an air of quite confidence in the group. We all really knew that difficult conditions were to our benefit, whether because of our pit, which is an obvious advantage, or the fact the most of us, considered ourselves at our best, when things are toughest. Matt, Bob and I talked about our strategy, to be as consistent as we could at night, see where we were at 6:00am when the sun came up, and then, then it gets real fast.

Matt was talking to Jonathan from Family Bikes, and he asked it we were gonna back off early, as we had built a pretty nice lead by 10:30. Matt commented, "no, we'll probably keep driving it, if nothing else to screw the last guy, by getting him out as close to noon as possible." Tom (papa smurf) would later explain that getting that last guy out as close to noon is one of the ultimate signs of respect and friendship in our circle. He lamented how he once sent Budha out for a final lap at the 24hrs of Canaan at 11:57. For the record, they won that 24hr race that year.

Following Matt's stellar first two laps, which really set the tone for our team, Matt sat in a chair looking into his can of coke, and then looked up and said, "what was i thinking, that was really stupid, I went way too fast for those laps...."

My hand blistered up again, and Ricky D provided some insight, that he had the same issues with the pink starred grips. He said he had to switch them out. And here I thought it was my switchblade fork. Well I guess I'm in the market for some grips... It was great to see Ricky, Nystrom, DT, and Gwadzilla. It looked like everyone was really have a great time, and rode very well.

Thanks to Phil Rice the driving force behind the race, and even if he passed his Spot Brand bike to his son, in favor of a new 69er, he is a great guy, and someone who I am always happy to see. Thanks for working with Diane and Amy too, and the props he gave them at the awards ceremony was really cool too.

Last weds on the hill ride, Tom kept saying to me, "eat marc", a few minutes later, "eat marc" Finally I asked him what he was doing, he told me, "oh I'm practicing for the weekend" I laughed.

I'm sure that Bob, Rob, Jason, and Diane will all offer their own takes on the race.

thanks for reading.

stay in school.


Friday, May 4, 2007

episode 131: speed kills Layla, speed kills

I think my dog Layla was on speed last night.

Seriously, either that or some kind of endurance/energy product.

KC gave me some SPIKE SHOOTER FOR EXTREME ENERGY, stuff a little while ago. I heard the stuff makes red bull like drinking milk. I remember that at Nationals watching Zach look like the worlds best popper and locker doing the robot after drinking 3 of those bad boys.

That's great, one red bull can jack me up for an entire night. KC has told me that it is so strong that some high schools in Colorado have banned it. It was awfully nice of her and Mark to get me some product, even if I'm a little scared to use it.

Layla, my dog, has developed quite a taste for endurance racing food products. Layla has also developed a habit of raiding my bag, or my friend's bags while we were out riding. She has trained herself looking for things like:

Power bars:

or CLIFF Bars:

she loves GU or energy gels:

And the cliff blocks, which are like energy gummy bears:
Which for the record Layla has never met a gummy bear or a swedish fish she didn't love:

But I digress. At 2:00am when Layla was demanding to go out, which is really unusual for her, as generally when the sun goes down, she is out cold. However, last night for some reason at 2:00 am Layla had to be outside. I groggily opened the back door and she was off like a shot out of a cannon. She began ripping around the perimeter of the yard. And she kept going, and going, and going. Let me tell you the Energizer bunny had nothing on my Layla. At 2:20 I stood on the deck just watching her in amazement as she was still full on charging, not sniffing, not you know doing her business, just running. It was at the point that I had to reel her in...

Although I could find no proof this morning. Somehow, somewhere I am convinced she got into some kind of energy bar....
Layla pleads the 5th.

May have over done it a bit this week. Legs felt awful yesterday so I took a much needed rest day, as I got out today the felt really junky for the first half hour of my ride, then started to open up just a bit. Heading out to Lodi in the morning, have a nice contengcy of Spot Brand p/b Twin Six and DCCoD brothers and sisters heading down. Should be fun. Hope to have fun, ride well. I heart Lodi Farms. I am really stoked for this weekend. Gotta pack, and even wash my bike...

stay in school.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

episode 130: petrified squirells

speaking of whores, found a killer price on this one:
tonight met a bunch of race volunteers at the Granogue course to ride the loop, work on the virtual tour, and to do a little trail maintenance. Fuzzy has been doing a great job leading the way here. And before some glue sniffer leaves a comment "I thought there was no pre-riding at Granogue.."

Well, there isn't, unless it is at the pre-scheduled times we have set up with the estate, and you are a race volunteer. If you want to volunteer at the race, I will get you a personal tour of the loop. Otherwise, if you get caught pre-riding, I have to ban you from the race. I don't care who you train, or who you know, or how you personally will end our event, and piss in my coffee, or just how cool you really are. Those are the rules.

I don't mean to be an ass about this, but seriously as long as I have been promoting this race, which is a celebration of a dear lost friend, and this year, a benefit for the hera ovarian cancer research group, I have been hearing that shit. It's does get a little old. Do I sound Jaded? I hope not, I really do love this event.

For anyone still kinda bent at me about the no pre-ride policy, here's an idea that can benefit the entire community: promote a race of your own and get back at me by telling me that I can't pre-ride. I promise, I won't take it personal. But I digress...

I rode some sections for Deputy tonight for the virtual tour, and then FFAmy, Wheelie Ted and I were supposed to a lap with the helmet camera. There were some technical issues, Bill finally got it sorted out, and then FFAmy bailed on us.

Wheelie Ted and I rode about 1/2 a lap with camera. It's probably the most pathetic virtual tour ever. We crashed on top of each other like three times. On one of the rock gardens we both tried to clean 3x unsuccessfully. We were really having a good time and laughing our buts off. So we look totally lame, that's okay. When you see me fall all over the course, no one can call me a sandbagger for racing super sport.

Today is Monkey's Birthday. I brought her a cake to the ride, she was surprised and totally stoked. Afterwards it was devoured pretty quickly, then we all headed down to Pizza by Elizabeth's, one of Diane's favorite restaurants.

We walked in and Rob (not that no talent ass clown from match box 20) was still wearing his helmet. We asked for a large table, and the manager was like, "you dudes are gonna have to sit outside." Which was okay, it was nice, and despite the cooler temperatures, which required everyone at the table to wear a piece of clothing out of Amy's car, a good time was had by all.

Thank God Amy keeps her entire wardrobe in the car. Happy Birthday Monkey!

Finally a friend of mine just got on to a roller derby team, only she needs to come up with a roller derby name. Some of the suggestions have been:

Reservoir Doll
Brittany Smears
Sandra Day O'Clobber
Sybil Unrest
Ivanna Thump
Sue S. Idol
Belinda Scarlisle

got any favorites? got any better suggestions? I think I like Brittany Smears or Ivanna Thump.

stay in school.