Sunday, October 30, 2005

Off Weekend?

Austin was trying to shag Hermione all night.
Diane and I head to the party.

I was not racing cross this weekend I was too broke to go to New England, and too tired to trek out to Pittsburgh, so I had a weekend of chilling at home. Saturday morning we had an extra special version of the Northern Delaware Cross Coalition practice. You can read about that here.
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Bob Reuther made it to the NDCP practice this weekend. Posted by Picasa

For JVAL. Before anyone asks Riley recognizes he is a dog and refuses to wear a costume, while Layla loves her cape. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa and Paul headed up the masters class with Diane and I .

At 35, it's not too often that I get to go to college parties anymore. Enter my friend Jessica. She hosted a really fun Halloween party Saturday night. Diane, Lisa, Paul and I headed up the masters section of the party. There were so many guys drinking Malt Liquor I thought Snoop Dog might step out at any moment.

Benefit of being 35 vs. 23. I don't drink malt liquor anymore. No Colt 45, No Ole English, Hell don't even bring me any PBR, I don't care who says it's cool, I ain't drinking that shit. Now before you start to think I'm rocking with Buddy the leg breaker too much let me say this. I had a big bottle of Rogue Dead Guy ale (I thought that was in the spirit), and a big bottle of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, and just because I was starting to get my groove on I had a bottle of blue moon wheat beer. All so tasty.

Down side of being 35 is that I can't drink like I am 23. I got home, didn't even feel that drunk at all, all of sudden got bed spins. And then I got really hot, I knew what was next.
I sprinted to the bathroom and blew chunks like Mount Saint Helens erupting.
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Zac was white trash. well done.

Diane: "you okay babe?"
Me: "yupers. I am Fabulous."
Diane: "you drank too much huh?"
Me : "sure feels like it, I'm such a light weight"
Diane: "yup."

I swear I threw up 10 times as much as I drank. Anyway, went to bed and slept through the night. Woke up and felt a lot rough.
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threesome. classic

I showed up to Peoples Plaza to do the small ring ride, which was leaving at the same time as the PWC, looking at the crowd (Mark the shark, Christian, Yinger, Dan the man, Mike Wilson (dan's brother, not from the beach boys) Dave N, Mccunny, doc, Billy V, roadbike amy, cyclocross amy, e-town, Yan, CZ, Leo and I hope I didn't miss anyone) I figured I'd be riding by myself soon enough.
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Matt found Waldo, and hangs with lady bug chick

Out of the parking lot, Mark and Yinger went off the front, and well no one followed. Eventually Mark yelled something about skirts, roadbike amy, and Christian went up the road with him, but mercifully for my hung over ass, our small ring only group was pretty big, and fully intact. I felt pretty rough for most of the ride, sucked as much wheel as I could. It was my first ride with e-town in a while. I love that kid, he's just starting to get rolling again, and he talks smack like he's Lance Armstrong. Beautiful.
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Brittany and Kevin. very well done.

Up the final section in the headwind, I finally went to the front for a little bit, but skirted my way around as quickly as I could. Ended up with just about 3 hours saddle time, which is the longest I have ridden since this celebration of life called cyclocross began, and I felt like I really needed that. Billy V hooked me up with a coke with lime, which kept me from dry heaving in the parking lot. It was a beautiful day. Thanks for letting me hang on folks.
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car wash dude.

Diane and I went to Grasshopper Cafe for lunch. She had a bowl of Maryland Crab Soup, while I went with a meatloaf sandwich. Both were sufficient, but neither was the top notch quality we usually get from here. Anyway, for an off weekend it was pretty damn busy.

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boo boo kitty f-ck, and carwash dude living the high life. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

the collingwood

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the boys rock out.

Went out last night to see the collingwood. It was a late night, especially for a school night, but it was worth it. Went to the east end. That place is a dump. No surprises, it was dump when I used to hang out there 2 nights a week. Made me feel a little old, although I did get carded. Not too shabby for a master's racer huh ? Diane had a drink. It was strong.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Ramblings

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so my buddy fatBlair, (he named himself, I prefer to call him sick fast bastard) is Canadian. He knows that I ride for a Canadian team (SPOT BRAND), and he wanted to share some of the culture of his country with me. He told me all about the CN Tower in Toronto and what a national treasure it is. He said there's even a restaurant in there where you can eat, and have the best view of the city ever. He shared the below picture with me.

Sophomoric. yup. but I've never really been below that either.
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biddle 2
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biddle kicked my ass tonight. I've got tired legs. really tired legs. This midpoint of the season is tough for me. My legs are beat, but I want to keep working. Thankfully I have the weekend off and may be I can get some rest. Slickrick, Dan the man (ranked #123 in the world), and fatBlair ruled the roost tonight at cross practice. I battled in a second group with Biddle (tye domi of cross), Tommy Mc, who lost 4lbs last week and was flying tonight, and Paul I. I came up short in most cases, and even stacked it in a corner tonight. It was a good practice, but I am beat. Diane brought me home some left overs tonight, it was pasta with broccoli and chicken. It was good and I was hungry.

Monday, October 24, 2005

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Granogue and Wiss...

Okay. I knew this was gonna be a hard weekend. Last year this weekend was the beginning of the end for my back. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling quite well thank you.

Tom McDaniel is the genius behind the granogue race. He does a great job. I try to help him with as much of the course stuff as I can. I love that he’ll give me a section and let me set it up he just says, “go make that cool”. I love that he trusts me with sections of his baby. The Island before the final drag race up the road, yup, that’s mine. The turn at the pine tree, me too. The island was tough this year, once we knew we were getting rain Switched it up. So if you stacked on the island, sorry, I tried to make it flow the best I could. I take great enjoyment in watching Tom during the race, there’s no stress, just a smile from ear to ear as he watches his vision come to life. That being said, trying to help run a race and race is very hard. Something about being there before dawn, and then after the pro men, running up a hill to drag step stakes and yellow tape to the road, that just changes your normal race routine.
During my race, Saturday, I was cruising through the pit, on I guess the third lap. Someone yells, “go FATDUDE !” someone else yells, “that’s not FATDUDE, that’s FATMARC !” I blew extra large snot bubbles laughing at that…

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John Lux Story of the Week.
Number 1 question I got asked this weekend was, “where is slick rick?” in an earlier I conversation I commented to John that Rick was having a great year, and my wife was busting my stones for riding with him, because we are always waiting for him to get prized, and were always late. As Diane and I walked across the field towards her car, Luxy yells, “ Hey Marc, what was the name of that stripper you and Rick were talking to last week ?” Yeah, that was beautifully played. I am lucky of 2 things. First my wife is fucking rad. Second she knows due to a horrible incident a few years ago, strippers totally freak me out. Especially the skevy type that dance in your buddy’s basement. But that’s a story for another day.
Sprinting Bernie
Last lap, Rob had gotten clear of me. Bernie was nipping my wheel, and I think even came around me at one point. Down the final hill I finally got a little gap but not much. I knew this was gonna be a sprint finish. Through the island, I started winding up. I hit the road, dumped my bike into the biggest gear and stood on it. I heard someone yell, “ go left” I quickly looked under my arm for Bernie, and didn’t see him, but went left anyway in an effort to pinch Bernie on the side if he was there. (sorry Bernie, but I got to be honest) I looked up and saw Wes the conqueror standing along side the road, I was hoping he would tell me it was cool and roll in. He didn’t “he’s right there” My legs were burning, I hurt badly, I stood one more time and sprinted with all my might. I crossed the line holding him off. Then I threw up a little in my mouth. Gotta love cross.

For the record, Kelly had me dead to rights today, and then he flatted. We were riding well together, and even had a game or two of twister during our race. It was fun.
Chilling with Morgan G
After the races, Morgan and I were chilling at the beer tent. Neither of us were drinking. Morgan was picking the races. “I always pick the winners” he then revealed his plan to open an on-line gambling site, and to have picks each week. He told me Pittsburgh, Washington, and Philadelphia would win this weekend too. “ I only pick winners.” Coming to your Sports Radio soon.

Speaking of Super Juniors thanks to the Jebbagger who had a great Duel with Adam, and won a set of those popular mimo cross tires, which he in turn sold to me. Jeb is a rock star.

Joe Foley-
Congrats to Joe Foley of city bikes for taking the c race. Joe is a super cool guy and ripper in the single speed world. I was stoked for Joe.

Biddle (the tye domi of cross) is still the toughest guy in cross. The dude broke his helmet during the race and still finished 15th in the super tough Killer B class. I’m just glad the dude is on my side.

Drive by. Busy day at home, hit race get home. And a tremendous race I had too. First lap riding near the top 10, as we get close the barriers, I’m settling into my group, and my seat rattles loose, just about comings off. Tremendous. I dive into the pit, and ask for an allen set. FortJames scrambles, can’t find an allenset; Mayhew calms us down as FortJames and I are both freaking. Mayhew says, “be cool man, its okay” James gives me his bike and I take off. His bike is a 52, which me riding was like an elephant on a circus bike. I chased hard, picked off a couple of folks, but saw my group out there a switch back or two a head of me the entire race. The course was flattish and riding in a group was a benefit today. I didn’t get any of this benefit. I picked up a few spots before losing one on the last lap. It was hard today. I hope I scored some points.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun, I’m really tired and can’t wait to get back at it soon.

All pictures for this blog were stole from’s Gallery.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, hello is jamming me up this morning.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wrong Turn...

Dave and Mike...

so last week I went to a concert in Philly. After polishing off my $8 beer, between bands, I found that I needed to use the restroom. So I walk down the corridor looking for the sign that says restroom, and I charge in. As I run in, I look around, "where the hell are the urinals?" I yell kinda surly. I'm beginning to feel that something is just not right. Then I realize that there are no dudes in here. Only women. Only women who are a little perturbed at the perv, standing in the middle of the ladies room asking where the hell the urinals are. This sweet, maybe 16 year old girl taps me on the shoulder and says, "excuse me mister, you're in the ladies room" At this point I'm a little embarrassed, and a little afraid of the bouncer named Bruiser that will probably kick my arse when I come out of here, I respond, "thanks for the hint, I think I just figured that out." I high tailed my but out of there, and found a proper disgusting men's room, complete with urinals. thankfully, Bruiser didn't kill me.

My legs have felt like ass all week. Dove into the weeks workload before recovering from last weekend I guess. Professor X has me resting today. Granogue is gonna be big and fun. The coures is tough, but good. I hope I can start in the 3rd row again, that was good for me last week. I got my first points, and now I hope for a call up. Well, we'll see how the weekend goes.

Had Kitchen Tacos for dinner tonight. That means I made tacos, and Diane and I stood over the sink and ate them. Yummy stuff.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

F- Elvis, Dave Grohl is the King of Rock and Roll, and Beacon.

Saw Hot Hot Heat, Weezer and Foo Fighters Thursday night. The show was outstanding despite the acoustics being awful at the Wachovia Center in Philly. Hot Hot Heat was really good, although there biggest hit "bandages" was ruined for me by Ted Logic who said he thought it was "bag of chips" Weezer could have headlined themselves and played a great set, including an encore with Sweater Song, complete with some kid from the audience playing. Gave me Goose bumps. Foo Fighters came on last and rocked the house. Grohl was all over the stage, getting the crowd involved, and at one point launched himself into the crowd and played a guitar solo with the folks on the floor going totally insane. Highlight for me was when he had a spotlight shown on his wife in the crowd as he plaid Everlong. One of my personal favorites. This was my second time seeing Foo, and I would in a second, go to see them again. Dave Grohl has saved rock and roll, and is no doubt the king.
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amphitheater of pain... Beacon's signature...


Good race. I was able to snake my way into the 3rd row, so despite not getting a call up, because I haven�t scored a MAC point in over 2 years I got a really good start. The course was wicked fast, and there was a large lead group. I was really stoked to be riding near the leaders for so long. It wasn�t until almost the end of the second lap that I was off, and riding in a second group. The sand pits were tough, I found it was best to try and ride some of them and then run the last bits. I'm no Dieter or Zane or even Biddle (the ty domi of cross) and couldn't pull off coasting the sand pits of doom.
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Bob Reuther... History Lesson.

I joined Wooden Wheels in 1991. At that time the team was largely a road team, but had some very strong expert mountain bikers. I was a beginner. The strongest was Bob Reuther. Bob had his pictures in a magazine sporting the WW jersey. I remember how nice he was to my wife and I as we showed up for a race at Gambrills, one of our first on WW, and he was excited that we were teammates. I was in awe. The first time I ever saw Cyclocross was a video of Bob at Nationals. For me, Bob has always been one of my heroes. This summer at the West Chester Criterium, I saw Bob and gave him a hearty cheer.

Today, with 2 laps to go, whose wheel did I find myself on. Yup Bob Reuther. At first I was like, Shit that's Bob Reuther. Then I almost filled my skinsuit with shit, as I was like "dude, you're on Ruether's wheel..." I was totally freaking out. I imagine it was what that kid was like with Weezer was like the other night.

Anyway, Ruether was taking long hard pulls at the front of our group, a couple of times I would peak around, but he seemed content to set pace. We had Kirk from Wiss, Jeff from Kennate, Rolf from Highland, and a couple other dudes in our group. I seemed to be making time up on the amphitheater of pain. My game plan was to stay near the front of the group and attack here on the final lap. Try to hide until the finish. With last week's fiasco burned in my head I wanted to be really careful.
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