Thursday, June 30, 2005

Crack Kills....

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can't take credit for this one but I had to share...

no words today. none. nope. kaput.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

motivational crisis...

That's what I call 40 pounds of puddin' in a 20 pound sack !

Make no mistake, the primary goal for my spring season was the 24hrs of Big Bear. Coming off of that race I am feeling a huge let down. This isn't unusual for me; I've felt it after other big races. I have to be honest this week has been particularly tough for me. To start, it is "swamp ass", a kerkovian term, hot and humid around here. I had 2 good rides last weekend, but have been hard pressed to get my ass out the door this week. Part of me says, this is normal, you've been working hard for 20 weeks now, and I need a mental break. But the other part of me says, Jesus man, get your ass back on your bike!

And just when I think I'm getting through, life happens. Our water filter/softener crapped out this week. So all our water is coming out of the taps a nice irony color. It's really quite attractive. I must say my hair has never looked greasier. So now I have Mr. Culligan, and Mr. Rainsoft to entertain 2 nights this week for god knows how long. Fuck. even if I wanted to ride, I freakin' couldn't
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This is where the pain goes down...

On the up side I got a massage last night. I try to get one once a month or so, I've been pretty jammed up since Big Bear. My masseuse is awesome. I admit it's not always the most relaxing, and frankly there are times when I think I want to cry as she works me over. In the end I always feel better...

On the upside, I have taken advantage of this time to start working on putting my next 24hr team together; thus far things are looking good. Got the Condo all set up, I think we are gonna have a good time. Hopefully, this weekend I feel like riding again and get going...

I have to be honest my thoughts have been on cross a lot. I find myself slipping over to or I sold my old frame that was too big for me this week, and look to pick up my new frame this weekend. It's nothing sexy, but a solid platform, and a work horse bike, a role player. I kinda think of myself that way, so maybe this bike will really work out for me. Best of all it's gonna set me back only a couple of franklins. Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard. I can't wait for cross. Has anyone seen the calendar yet?

Anyhow, I'm gonna go take a semi-muddy shower, and beat myself up because I'm too fat and lazy to get out on my bike before work. Like I said, a motivational crisis, I hope this will pass soon...

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Monsters and Stuff...

It sure was good to see this smiling face !

Early Saturday morning a hearty group would show up at my house as we headed out for a preview of the Fairhill race course. The group included Buddy the leg breaker, Matty T (forest), Fort James, Green Trek John, Jay Jay, Fitzy, Todd, Alan the cleaner and Bobby's boy Keith G. Yes, Keith G who recently finished his second cycle of chemo, and is recovering from testicular cancer. I was excited to see him; it appears things are going very well for him in both health and life right now, although he has a few more chemo cycles to go... It was great to see him. Keith was very excited and very positive, he rode great.

The first hour of the ride I got to lead, I tried to keep a solid pace but not blistering. This was my first ride since Big Bear, and my legs felt it for sure. The group stayed together. The trails were super hero fast. It was hot. Hot like Jenny McCarthy in catholic school girl outfit.

Half and hour later, we pop out onto a stretch of fire road. Keith and Todd go the front, and it was on. The three toughest climbs hit you in the middle stretch of the course. Keith, yes Keith, destroyed the group here. With Todd, Buddy and Green Trek John, they rode away from the rest of groupetto. I popped pretty hard and struggled to keep it together...

We skipped the south park section hoping to catch back onto the fantastic four, but instead hooked up with Jebbager, who rode the entire course, stuck it too us. He prerde the entire course and then rushed off to T-Town for a night of track racing. The kid is cool.

We finished up and the fantastic four finished right on our heels. They did the entire course in 2:15. Looks like to me that this will be a 2 hour race or so, barring any issues.

All in all, I was hot, sweating and tired, it was good to be around so many good friends. Best of all I got to ride with Keith again. It was a good day, hopefully I'll have a little more in the tank tomorrow and the legs will remember how to pedal a bike again...

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My Tribute to Ryan Baby... Clearly I can not pull off the Gucci Glasses...

Sunday we had a nice group over at White Clay. It was Slick Rick, Biddle (ty domi of cross), Todd, Bobby's Boy Keith G, Green Trek John, Mike K, Matty T (run forrest), Buddy the leg breaker and I. Matt was maestro, and he set a solid pace all day. Steady rocking tempo ride. I was very happy. No violent attacks today, and in fact on the hardest climb, Matt did a great job boxing us in and commenting, "who ever attacks on this hill is a prick..." Slick Rick commented, "prick rick could be my new nick name?" He refrained Todd seemed to be feeling the effects of the heat, and of Saturday's effort where he and Mr. Goulet destroyed the group. Keith rolled back with Todd. The pace was strong and solid through out. That was nice. At the end of the day, everyone rode well, and hell we got to talk a little shit. Best of all I got to see Keith 2 days in a row...

Key leanings from the weekend:

1. The Fairhill course this year will be the toughest in years. It is fun, but doesn't have the same flow as past years, more climbing too... But it's a great course...
2. Speaking of climbing I'm clearly not at the level I need to be, but I can improve
3. You should never try to fix a doorbell with a rubber mallet...
4. Stewart's Key Lime Soda is awesome...
5. Maryland Steamed Crabs are a great recovery food...
6. Watched cool movie "underworld" about werewolves and vampires fighting and stuff. KLate Beckinsale was in it, that's a bonus too. Can't we all get along? I mean a one monster world ?

7. Speaking of Monsters, props to Buddy the leg Breaker who stayed at the front both days, and was the only rider to do that both days... Nice stuff
8. Saw the Wooden Wheels legends team today : Caltuna, Kelly, Tyler, Mr. Morrison, led by Fuz and Alan the cleaner, good to see those guys out on bikes again...

Got to spend some really good time with Diane this weekend which was great considering I was gone all last weekend, and had long work days with the sales meeting this week. So Yeah, this was a pretty damn good weekend...


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With Such weak sideburns, no wonder I'm not climbing well right now... Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005


Okay, No Boobs, but here's Jebbagger at Track Camp Thursday night at T-Town. I'm gonna get him to teach me to ride fixie soon... If I ever produce porn, my first movie is going with the above title. Is it odd to have Jebbager and porn in the same sentence area ? Posted by Hello

I love this picture of Buddy. (stolen from Joe Foley...)

Holy Crap. Literally. When Big Bear started my colon kicked into overdrive, which isn't totally unusual for me in these kinds of events. 9 Times I made trips to the porto lets between 12 noon Saturday, and 12 noon Sunday. Today was the first time that my ass slowed down to a more reasonable 2 drops for the day...

Sorry no updates this week, after big bear I was pretty wiped out, and then I had a national sales conference at work, which went really well. I had a presentation to deliver today. Although the meat of the presentation was rock solid, I built the theme of the presentation around wiffle ball. Everyone laughed. I think I got my point across; either that or I'm just a jackass. Well, I'm probably a jackass anyway.

The newest bloggers in the world check out my newest link to Ryan Baby on the side...
It's a good read, different angle than any I've seen, and the biker fox picture almost made me wet my pants.

Anyway, hope to get riding again tomorrow, with work I've been off the bike all week, and working hard to live up to my Fatmarc name eating my ass off. Drank lots of beer this week too. Looking forward to getting some good miles in this weekend, fairhill should be pristine... Diane is playing guitar right now, I' m gonna go distract her and perhaps Kanuddle a little...

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Kerry and I at the Captain's meeting, don't we look offical ? (stolen from Joe Foley) Posted by Hello

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BTW I heard people magazine just voted Lou Ferigno as the world's sexiest man ever.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Return of Granny; 24hrs of Big Bear

Matt Loves to Run...

This was one of my favorite biking weekends ever. There is no way in this limited space that I can possibly capture every moment or even begin to share all the jokes, and the laughs, the hard efforts, everything that went down. Lots of good people, lots of great racing, lots of fun, the race was great. But this is a blog, and I like to tell stories so I will try to capture a few of my memories and thoughts to share from the weekend:
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Golf Carts were the name of the game in Big Bear folks. Pimped out Golf Carts... Posted by Hello

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Pre- Ride...

The Venue itself:
I have slammed Granny before for such a crappy job down at snow shoe. Just a quick note as to this venue: It is spectacular. Yes you miss out on the whole condo thing, but the course, which really at the end of the day is most important, is spectacular. Rolling, technical, good climbing, very little fire road. Hats off, additionally the real time timing was kick ass, friends that didn't make the trip could follow results as the race went on from home, so despite not having cell service unless you were standing on somebody's RV, everyone at home could follow along. My argument has always been that with Granny, at snowshoe, was that you didn't feel like you got your money's worth, and that they were nickel and dimeing you at every corner. Not the case here, they really did a job. nice showers, good food, and it didn't feel like granny was trying to steal a 5 spot out of my pocket any chance she got. Everything was very well done. Great job Granny. Frances rules.
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Karl and Carol...

The Compound.

You know the six degrees of separation rule. Well this weekend it befitted us really well. And as such we got to met and joke with some of our sports icon/ dignitaries. Which sounds weird to say because they were so cool, and so down to earth. Just folks who like to ride their bikes in the woods. But I digress, LWebb, who rides for IF, had a teammate Carol, who is tight with Karl. Karl is a cool writer/ mountain bike Icon masters racer who was on the Bontrager Wheelworks Masters Team, who of course was headed up by Keith Bontrager. Yeah, that Bontrager. And you know having one Mountain Bike Hall of Famer at your camp site isn't enough so Elaine Tierney, one of the founders of Dirt Rag, and most recently the feminine frames calendar was there for support too. So you get the picture, Rock Star IF team, Hall of Fame Masters Team, and us- Some Dudes from Delaware. It was pretty damn cool. I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the really cool guys from Dirty Harry's bike shop in Pittsburgh that were there helping us out. TJ, Charlie and Justin wrenched for everyone, and helped to make sure everyone's ride was ready to go. All three teams came together to form a super conglomerate. Which was really cool. Between us I think we had more stuff than anyone, and if one group forgot something, the other group definitely had them covered. It was a beautiful thing.
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Kerry; IF Chick... Big Heart... Saved my butt by lending me a blanket, since I forgot my sleeping bag, and a towel. I had a handtowel that I showered with for a while. to be cool I told the folks at the shower it was a Squeegy... Posted by Hello

This is Steve S. IF rider, cool guy. Super Strong, Super Humble, and very friendly.
He took second in the solo division. He just finished his 14th lap and looks a little rough here. Great Guy, looking forward to seeing him again. For those keeping score at home we did 17 laps as a 4 man team, and 14 laps is roughly 182 miles. Steve was enjoying a burger after his effort but thought he might vomit it. Posted by Hello